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  • Summer Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Looking Great!

    If you live in a place with hot summers, it’s important to make sure your skin stays healthy and protected all summer long. After all, your skin is the barrier between your body and the rest of the world, and summer can be tough on your skin. Here’s everything you need to know about summer skincare!
  • Why Mango Butter Deserves a Place in Your Skincare Routine

    You’ve heard of coconut oil and the wonders it can do—but have you heard of the latest revolutionary skincare ingredient to come out of the tropics? Mango butter has so many great benefits for your skin, and it’s completely natural. Here at Butler’s Body Butters, we use a lot of mango oil, and we’re thrilled to share some of its benefits with you today!

    What is Mango Butter?

    If you’ve ever seen the inside of a mango, you’ve seen the woody-looking seed in the middle of the fruit...
  • 4 Ways to Keep Your Beard in Top-Notch Condition!

    No matter what type of whiskers you’re sporting, beard care is essential! Even the most majestic facial hair can fall flat without proper maintenance. Here are some of our best beard care tips to keep your facial hair in top-notch condition!
  • How to Make Natural Skincare Work for Your Sensitive Skin!

    If you have sensitive skin or skin allergies, you’ve probably tried a whole lot of different products hoping to find something that doesn’t irritate your skin. The same is true if you have a condition like eczema or psoriasis. Many common skincare ingredients simply aren’t a good fit for you.

    So, in your quest to find something that works, you may have stumbled upon natural skincare. Natural skincare has simple ingredients, so it’s sure to be less irritating, right? Not always! You can still have a reaction to natural skincare, no matter how short and simple the ingredients list. Here are some common reasons why natural skincare might be causing you problems—and we also offer a solution!
  • 8 Reasons Why Natural Skincare is the Way to Go!

    Everything You Put on Your Skin is Absorbed into Your Body
    When you put on lotion, makeup, or any other skincare product, it has the potential to be absorbed into your body. Instead of just sitting on top of your skin, some of the compounds in the product will actually end up circulating in your bloodstream. Ever used transdermal patches or medications? Those work by absorbing into your body, and skincare products can do the same thing whether you realize it or not.

    Not every chemical compound can absorb into your bloodstream—some will stay in your skin. It all depends on the chemical makeup of the ingredient. But when you stick with natural and safe skincare products, you can be sure that you’re not absorbing dangerous carcinogens or toxins into your skin and body.

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